ithica 51 slide assembly needed , please help


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i have a model51 ithica 12g , shootn trap last wknd the slide assembly broke , numrich is sold out , if anybody on here can help a guy find one new/used would be greatly appreciated , love this gun and wana keep it shooting.....

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I talked to an Ithaca gun smith a couple of years ago about the 51. He stated that this is a common problem with the 51 and one of the reasons that the gun would most likely never be put back into production. There is a nylon buffer in the back of the receiver that will break apart over time. The slide assembly will then start bashing into the back of the receiver when the gun is fired until it breaks. They are made from a stamping and not very strong to begin with. Because of this problem all of the known spare slide assemblies have been used up. No one that I know of is planing on stamping new ones including including Ithaca of Upper Sandusky, and they are to expensive to mill from stock. He did tell me that they where having some luck welding the assemblies back together. I sure hope you can get yours back running again, I sure enjoy shooing mine. In my opinion they are a softer shooting gun than an 1100. You may try watching Ebay and Gun broker. From time to time an old time gun smith will list some new old stock parts. You just have to keep checking until the right parts come up for sale. Good luck.

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You should contact Les at Diamond Gunsmithing. He repairs these things all the time. Les stocks replacement nylon buffers and welds the action bar back together. He'll fix you right up. 607 273 4510.

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I called this company about one year ago. They remade the slide, and were selling them then for $250.
Lots of sough, but used are selling for almost that now.
I almost bought one just to see how well made they were.
Good luck


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Sorry I forgot to include contact info.

Ithaca model 51 slides@Accuracy Machine (920)434-5455
1250 Cormell Rd.
Greenbay, Wisconsin

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I had mine laser welded in the UK for a fraction of that cost. A new spring and buffer from Les at diamond gunsmiths and the 51 is good as new (the new spring at rest was a good 1 1/2 inches longer than the one I replaced)

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