Show off your Lefever Nitro Special...


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Show off your Lefever Nitro Special...

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Here is a 20 gauge made in 1925. 28" barrels, full and modifiedImage Image [imgImage][/img]

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I just got a couple more Doubles. Here is my New To Me Lefever Nitro Special 1923 12 Gauge 30" barrels
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Here's a well used but mechanically sound Nitro Special made in 1929. 16 gauge, 2 9/16" chambers, 28" barrels choked F/M. Just about all the case colors have been worn off the frame - it almost looks like it is chrome plated. But the gun still locks up tight and the bores shine like new. This one has a little better stock than usually seen on Nitro Specials - it looks like the stock from an Ithaca Flues with a grip cap.

Not a collector's showpiece, but the type of gun you might have seen in your grandfather's gun cabinet years ago. It looks like it went hunting a lot but was well cared for. The Nitro Specials weren't fancy or expensive, but they were tough.

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1927 12ga, 30", F&M. Nice burled walnut stock. Not bad at all for 87 years since leaving the factory.
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