Model 37 : 20 ga or 28 ga

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Getting older now and studying the Model 37, looking for a lighter gun to carry and hunt grouse, woodcock and pheasants. I may shoot some clays and/or skeet with this next gun as well. I'm considering the 20 gauge pump to use, but am also intrigued by the lighter 28 ga. I've never shot a 28 ga, but a 6 lb gun sounds like a delight.
I have an older SKB Model 500 20 ga w/26" barrels (fixed IC & M chokes), and a much older Winchester Model 12, 20 ga, choked full, but I had it opened up a bit about 35 years ago. I'm wanting another repeater, but with invector chokes.
The advantages of a 20 ga are : way more loads to choose from and use & many more commonly available.
I only know what I've been gleaning on the internet about shooting and hunting with a 28 ga, so that's where I'm at.

The M37 20 ga w/26" barrel is 6.8 lbs , the 28 ga w/26" barrel is 6 lbs. I've never owned an Ithaca, but have been around them for many years. Unfortunately, there are no Ithaca shotguns at any of the dealers in this part of the world - to handle for fit.

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