Extra Ithaca 37 12 gauge barrel

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:39 am
Some years ago I bought a 37 that came with two non-rib barrels, one 28" Mod. and one 30" Full.
I have no need for both and thought about chopping the 30" back to 25" and having a cylinder bore quail gun with maybe a 30 yard pheasant thrown in. No one wants to buy a non-rib barrel and I wouldn't give a dime for a vent rib on a hunting gun, but to each his own.
I would appreciate your thoughts on the 25" cylinder bore hunting gun.
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Howdy rex,
good to see some activity here finally. However, there hasn't been any in over 3 years here. So may not get an answer.
You could ask over on mossbergowners.com the main site of all the "**"owners.com sites....

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Thank you Rip. I haven't been here for a while, what happened?
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I have a 20g 25" open cyl
someone even went thru the effort of putting a simmons rib and mid bead on it.
it works really well on my ultra featherlite.
it is a close in gun ,I tend to use it for quail and early grouse when the cover is thick.
however for normal pheasant and late grouse I move to ICyl
but in normal conditions a Cyl will work on preserve pheasants.
keep in mind this is a 20g and 12g results may differ a bit

i'd have no hesitation cutting down any removable plain barrel to suite a purpose.
my insides get squishy when it comes to matched barrels on older guns esp ribbed ones.
I also don't usually modify chokes
if its a SN# gun I live with it , if its a removable i'll find another barrel with the correct choke

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As for what happened there was a rather grumpy moderator for a while that kinda drove folks off. Most of the regulars migrated to another site. I would like to see this site take off again as it comes up well when a new person googles an Ithaca forum. I still check in here regularly to see if I can answer someones questions but have not posted any new material simply because there is not enough traffic to really have a conversation about much.
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Also glad to see a little traffic on the site, the tumbleweed seems to drift across sometimes!
To Rex, a spare barrel (any spare barrel!!) is like rocking horse manure this side of the pond! I have been looking for 3 years and while I have found some cheaper, possibly donor guns, they have all been repaired and refurbished as I cannot bring myself to scrap one! With UK law enforcing a minimum barrel length of 24", which is ok for a field gun, I would say your 25" would be a nice compact quail gun. Don't forget to crown your barrel after cutting and to pattern your chosen cartridge on paper at your chosen distance

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