my newest ithaca!!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:14 pm
ok not really ,but kind of
I've seen discussions on m37 in film and movies, but here's one in a video game.

years ago i did a bit of online gaming , mainly a WWII online sim. wouldn't say i'm a harcore gamer ,
maybe 3-4 games in my 50yrs.but only 1 extensivly.

well one day the above image caught my eye while browsing the web...
wth?? that lokks like a m37
so i found a video clip,, damn it is a m37, it loaded and sounded like a m37!!!
now i'm rooting around.
then I had to try it

its in a survival game called SUBSISTANCE
a sandbox game thats a combination survival ,hunting , farmeville, construction and even first person shooter.

if you do computer gaming , have done, or might be interested in
i highly recomend it
and you get to shoot bears with an ithaca m37

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