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PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:46 pm
I just picked up a 1927 Nitro Spec 12 gauge, and I when I removed the butt plate, the stock looked practically hollowed out.

Has anyone else run into this? I expected to see a good sized hole for the stock bolt but this has been carved out a lot. Doesn't look butchered, just huge.

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I have a 1923 Nitro Special and it has a normal sized butt stock bolt hole. Gee that doesn't sound very good--but you know what I mean. Donald
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I have 5 Nitros that normal

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Thanks for the responses. This Nitro Special must have had some extra wood removed from the stock. The gun is pretty light for what it is. Maybe 7#. I'm guessing someone did this to save weight and keep the weight forward. It works, because the gun mounts and swings like a dream. It'll get used for pheasant after the first of the year, which is a touch call because I recently also picked up a 1939 model 37. I can't stay away from these old guns.

It's nice to have this forum.

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