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Morning All,

Many thanks to Dr. Honovich for the invitation to join this forum. It's good to see that the Ithaca name still has a strong following in the scattergun community. I recognize many members here from their usernames, but here's a few words on SHD, Inc. for those that we haven't met yet...

Sycamore Hill Designs began in 2006 crafting custom shotgun & rifle stocks. In 2007 we added CNC capability to the shop that allows us to cost-effectively produce some of the more popular replacement stocks, and offer prototyping and short-run production services for our OEM customers.

We've grown in other areas over the past few years, and now offer a full range of firearm refinishing and restoration services. We added a Dulite system in 2010 so we can offer modern hot bluing services in addition to slow rust bluing for pre-war guns.

We added a CNC vertical mill and another CNC router in 2011 to improve our production capacity & meet the turn-around times that our customers need. That, and I'm just getting too old to handle those 20-hour shifts anymore. The team is up to seven craftsmen, so even with the increased workload our turn-around time rarely goes beyond 8 weeks.

A brief list of services that we offer:
- Shotgun Fitting
- Custom & Semi-Custom Stocks
- Stock Repair & Refinishing
- Stock Bending
- Custom Checkering
- OEM Pistol Grips
- Metal Polishing
- Corrosion Repair
- Hot & Slow Rust Bluing
- Barrel Dent Removal
- Choke & Chamber Reaming
- Part Fabrication
- Jeweling
- Gold Plating
- Engraving Repair
- Custom Hand & Laser Engraving

The shop is open from 8am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 9am - 3pm. You're welcome to visit our showroom, call, or email any time.

Best wishes,


Frank Vallone
Sycamore Hill Designs, Inc.
Stockcrafters & Firearm Restoration
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Welcome aboard! Its great to have you as part of our growing community. I look forward to stopping by your shop one of these days.
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Welcome to the Ithaca Owners Forum frankSHD !!

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