Show off your Model 72...

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Show off your Model 72...

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DHonovich wrote:Show off your Model 72...

I found a guy that has a real fancy 72. It has a hex barrel and a silver engraved reciever and great wood. I never knew they made them like that. Has anyone heard of them? What are they worth? This one is in Mint shape even has a little scope. Donald

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Seem to remember reading about these fancy Model 72 rifles back when they were offered for sale.Cannot say that I have ever seen one.Did own and have seen a number of the regular Model 72 rifles.

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I recently inherited an Ithica model 72 saddlegun in pristine condition (Serial number 72023913)

I have attempted a fair amount of research however there is not much available on this rifle. Is there a specific site which includes a detailed history on this model?

Your anticipated cooperation and assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Thank You - Todd

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I wasn't able to find much info on them either.

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The Ithaca 49 R was the first Ithaca 22 repeater. The gun did not work out so well and was replaced by the model 72 that was imported from West Germany. It was offered in 22LR and 22Mag. The gun became a casualty of one of the Ithaca bankruptcies. There are no published serial number lists. The design was later picked up by Henry arms and produced in the US.

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Love the 72. I have the single shot 49, the repeater 49R and I just got the Deluxe 72, with the fancy wood, hex barrel, and the silver reciever with the engraving on both sides. They only made them a few years and didn't make many of them. Fun great looking and extremely accurate shooting gun. I also have the new Henry Goldenboy 22 and it is neat to hear that the design is from the 72. Donald

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Here is my new to me Deluxe 72.
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Can anyone attest to the quality of the 72?

Was the receiver steel or pot metal?

Any plastic on them?

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No plastic on my 49 single shot, 49r repeater, or 72. The two 49s recievers are made out of some alloy and painted. Never had a problem and easy to refinish (just paint). The 72 I have is a fancy one and is a Silver steel reciever. It has a hex barrel, but it is just a skin over the round barrel. They all shoot well and the 72 is more accurate than my eyes can shoot. I often shoot with a friend with a new Henry and the guns seem to be identical. After Ithaca went broke one of the times, Henry picked up the design and made their version of the 72, so that is the reason for the similarities. I also have the Henry Golden Boy 22 and it is a little different, but it is mainly a "Safe Queen" as it is just too shiny to be a "Shooter" I also have the "Henry Big Boy" in 45 long. Also another "Safe Queen". I was told that the 49s were a little unreliable but the only problem I had, was the 49 single shot stopped ejecting and all it was, was the screw just infront of the trigger guard was too tight, and loosening it a little fixed the problem. Great little plinking guns. Donald.

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I bought my Mod. 72 Deluxe when I was 14 back in 1974 from JC Penney. I bought it with money I earned trapping muskrats. The one thing that I haven't seen on any sites is, when I bought the gun, the stock wasn't finished. Not sure if this was the standard way the deluxe was sold. My dad suggested using linseed oil to finish it. I hand rubbed the oil into the stock as may dad instructed. It turned out a beautiful blond wood that fits so well with the silver. I have carried this rifle in the woods since I was 14. I have many guns in my collection, but this is one of my favorites. Wish I could post a picture, but not sure how to on this format.
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