Barrel opens after shot


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I purchased an Ithaca 12 Gauge Model 66 from a gun show a couple of weeks ago and tried it out last weekend on some clay pigeons. After I take the shot, the barrel automatically opens by itself.
I was wondering if this is the normal operating procedure or if there is something wrong with my shotgun.
If yes, do you have any idea which part is bad so that I can search, (hopefully) purchase and fix it. Fortunately the breakdown seems very easy.

Thanks in advance,
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It could be a couple of things. If it took alot of abuse, maybe the bolt is worn and doesn't fit properly into its recess. In which case, a new bolt is in order. The other more likely problem it could be is that there is tons of crud built up into the receiver, so much that the bolt can't lock up properly. Try stripping it down to its parts and cleaning it thoroughly. The good news is that there aren't alot of parts in a 66 so there can't be that many points for it to fail

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