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GunBlack is proud to be a part of Ithaca Owners. We have a long history with the Ithaca gun name. When Ithaca gun's parent company went bankrupt in 1987 GunBlack purchased the plating line and tooling. We immediately began providing bluing and parkerizing services to the newly formed Ithaca Acquisition in Kingferry, NY. We continued as the OEM plater for Ithaca Guns and the Ithaca Gun Company LLC. until they closed and the Ithaca name moved to Upper Sandusky Ohio. We continue to provide refinishing services to the upstate New York area and Ithaca Gun enthusiasts across the country. We have a proud partnership with Les Hovencamp and Diamond Gunsmithing. Les does all of GunBlack's gunsmithing for Ithaca Guns. He has kept some of my personal antique Ithacas in top clay-breaking form. Gun refinishing is only a small portion of the production we do at GunBlack. We serve many industries such as The Defense Dept., Furniture Manufacturing, Hand Tools, Train Braking Systems, Automotive, Aerospace, Pneumatic Tools and many others. Look us up on Facebook or

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It is great to have you as part of our growing community Steve!
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Welcome to the Ithaca Owners Forum GunBlack !!

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