Ithaca X-15 bipod

1958-1964 (X-5 Lightning), 1964-1967 (X-15 Lightning)

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Hello every one i wanted to know what bi-pod you use on your x-15 or any other wood stock gun and how you attached because i wanted to know if the was a different way before drilling into my stock since the gun is kinda old and rare to find such a barrel clamp bi-pod also post pics of how you did it or do it,

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You may be able to find a bi-pod that will attach to a sling swivel stud.

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Agree, the word drill is not in my vocabulary for guns, normally it means I did not search far enough. there is one pictured in another forum on this site for the lightning with the bi-pod, you might want to search here and ask him what he used.
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