NID Schematics


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I won't copy/paste & steal someone else's data but the following link directs to a very interesting picture Ive yet to find elsewhere on the web.

By the looks of it DON'T dissassemble your NID lol, amazing theres so much packed in that little receiver & forearm. ... 88#1116288

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Te schematic is gone and I have an NID sn: 427512 ca 1926 with trigger problem and have gone as far as I'm comfortable without a schematic or advice on a jig to relieve spring pressure and removing a hammer ... the left trigger is very hard to pull but will release the hammer and fire a shell ... the cocking rod at the hinge shows excessive wear .. I figure some thing is bent somewhere ... HELP..

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Is the NID schematic available elsewhere? Or could someone here post it?

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I’m interested too. Mine needs a stock and it sounds like I could be in trouble if I go about removing the old stock incorrectly.

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