Just got another featherlight and have a question...

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:14 am
My husband bought another featherlight yesterday and it is a 16 gauge I looked at the serial number and I have a question. The serial number has a dash 1 after it what does this mean please? It has the checkered stock but not a checkered or corn cob forend?
PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:03 pm
Sometimes a manufacturers model is changed from the original specs and the "-1" is used to designate an engineering change via the serial number.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:22 pm
is this number on the barrel,reciever face or on the side of the reciever?

if the number is on the barrel the -1 is choke designation .imp cyl i believe.
theres also should be a SN on the reciever face.if the #s match its the origional barrel on an older then 1963 gun

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