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Hi all, Rochester NY here!

I will be taking a newbie class for Trap shooting and the instructor says my 37 12 with 28" ribbed barrel (with screw in chokes) will work fine and dandy. He also said I was very lucky to have such a setup.

I am 53 and have never shot moving clay or hunted; never owned a shotgun until a year ago when I bought this Ithaca that had a deerslayer barrel.

Heard many good and bad things from people I dont even know about my setup. This gun will be used for Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clay's only and I am excited as a teen to grow into these sports over the remainder of my life.

Any input and suggestion is welcomed including what (if any) kind of gun I should be on the lookout for in the used shotgun market should my skills expand and I even need it.


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Pump guns in general are not recommended for clay sports requiring two shots however it is very doable. Most folks would recommend a semi auto or double barrel. Semi auto's will be the best for long term shooting on your shoulder. My recommendation is to try out your 37 and if you like it use it. As you enjoy your sport you will start figuring out what you want for your next gun.
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I would echo the above with the additional comment that if you do well with your 37 you will flummox your shooting peers, there is nothing as satisfying as clearing a stand with a pump (the clunkier the better) when all around you are struggling with their $5k doubles:)
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ok heres the nitty gritty on 37s and trap or skeet

pump actions are frowned upon by most trap shooters and ranges for the simple reason that its more difficult to confirm its unloaded and safe
with a double or O/U its easy to see if the action is open
they often shoulder a cracked open gun ,or stand the barrel up on the tip of their foot while waiting
with a 37 its harder to see at a glance if the action is open

so good etiquette practices at the line is important
I used to rack the slide open . place the butt to my hip ,barrel pointing down range and invert the gun
holding it upside down.
this also allowed me to easily drop a shell in .when it was my turn with out having to stuff the magazine and cycle the action
another good thing to learn is how to stuff a single shell from the bottom up while closing the action when its your turn

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