What scope do you use on your Ithaca Deerslayer DS I II III?

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What scope do you use on your Ithaca Deerslayer DS I II III?

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I use Leupold's VX-II 1-4x and 2-7x heavy duplex on a couple of mine.
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I have a Bushnell Trophy 1.75-4X32mm, and I also put Butler Creek scope caps on it.

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I have used several on my DSII storm including a Bushnell 1.75-4x32mm Trophy, Vari-x IIc 3-9x40, Aimpoint Comp XD with a 3 moa dot, and it currently wears a Leupold VX II 1-4x20.

Best bang for the buck is certainly the Bushy, but then it is kind of a tie with the Aimpoint and VX II as far as field utility.

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Myself i like my nikon slughunter 3x9-40 bdc 200
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I use the Nikon BDC 200, but I use Talley vertically split rings.

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I have two guns. One is an 87 DSII and the other is an 87 DSI. The DSII has a Weaver Nitrex TR-1 1.5 - 6 mounted to the base attached to the receiver and the DSI barrel has a cantilever scope mount that I got from Brownells soldered to it and the same scope. Both are mounted using Burris Z Rings. Both guns are 12 gauge.

The scopes are about the best deal going for a scope of that quality. Weaver has consolidated their scope line under the Weaver name and these are the same scope as a Weaver Grand Slam. I think they are still selling them out at $119 + shipping. They are comparable to a Nikon in quality.

I don't use the DSI barrrel much because I bought the gun for the 3" action after three of my Ithaca's were stolen last year (12 ga 3", 12 ga 2-3/4" & 16 ga). It is a 25 inch barrel. My buddy and I still hunt using 3" 12 Gauge double ought buckshot with vent rib barrels we have had cut down to ~ 18.5" and had choke tubes installed in. I went ahead and set the barrel up just because I had it and my nephews will use it this upcoming year instead of their bird barrels for deer hunting. I don't like forward mounted pistol scopes on long guns.

I live in western Washington and hunt a shotgun/muzzleloader only island for blacktails. You really need a decent scope because the bucks with any size to them are pretty wiley and stay back in the timber until after dark and the timber is thick as heck here. The does and young bucks will come out to feed, but not the bigger bucks. You have to use your binoculars in order to find the bucks hiding ten yards back inside the timber watching and then have to have a decent enough scope to see them well enough to shoot.

We also have a Leupold 1-4 on a Hastings barrel on another 37. I really don't have a preference for either of these scopes. They are both excellent for our needs. The Leupold is the shotgun specific one with HEAVY crosshairs. They do not Really offer much of any advantage over the crosshairs in the Nitrex scopes.

We like Ithacas. I have a 20 and three 12s but one is a DSII. I will probably get either a brand new 16 or a 3" 20 this year because the State has mandated steel shot on pheasant release sites and my little 2-3/4" 20 ga just won't work for that any longer. I don't like carrying a 12 ga gun when upland hunting. I'm leaning toward the 16 with 26" barrel.
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I currently have a Nikon Pro Staff 2x7-32 on my DS-I but I'm thinking of swapping it out for either a Leupold VariX-II 3x9-40 or the Redfield Revolution 4x12-40 that is currently on my Muzzy.
1983 M37 Deerslayer w/ Nikon Pro-Staff 2-7x32

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