Ithaca Deerslayer II Overview

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Many deer hunters spend their time stalking their quarry through the woods and waiting patiently in a deer stand. The Deerslayer II is equipped with fiber optic (Marble Arms ®) rifle sights for shots through the leaves and briars but is also drilled and tapped for the Weaver #62 rail so that you can mount the scope of your choice. The barrel is fully rifled, which is optimal for a wide variety of ammunition. The gun is available in 12 gauge and 20 gauge.

The Deerslayer II features

•A receiver that is machined from a solid block of steel

•Solderless Barrel System (patent pending)

•The strongest, truest barrel of any slug gun

•Robust extraction for today's high power ammunition

•Crisp, rifle-like 4-6lb. trigger pull

•Drop tine deer head engraving

•Fancy black walnut stock and forend

See below for full features and specifications.

Deerslayer II Thumbhole Stock

Front Rifle Sight Base and Red Insert for DS2

Deerslayer II Grip Cap

Deerslayer II and Deerslayer III

Deerslayer II Features Features Benefits
3" Chamber Shoot 2 3/4" or 3" Slugs
24" long standard wall thickness barrel Light and manueuverable
Fully Rifled in 1:28 Twist for 12 gauge - 1:24 Twist for 20 gauge Yields the best accuracy and consistency round-to-round
Marble Arms ® rifle sights (Front) and (Rear); also drilled and tapped for Weaver #62 scope rail Scope can be mounted with high rings so you can use sights too
Fancy black walnut monte carlo stock; fat deluxe checkered forend Optimized for use with open sights or scope
Pachmayr 750 Decelerator® Recoil Pad~black Chosen for its superior kick-reducing properties
Sling swivel studs included Outfit your DSII with a sling for ease-of-carry
Matte blued finish Looks great and reduces glare
Gold-plated trigger visually appealing; resists corrosion
5 shot capacity (4+1) with red safety follower quick follow-up shots
Includes gun and owners manual. Ithaca wants your DSII to last a long time and be used safely

Deerslayer II Specifications Gauge Weight Length of Pull Drop at Comb Drop at Heel Overall Length
12 Gauge 7.6 Lbs as pictured with no scope 14.25" 1.25" DAC 2.125" 43.625" w/24" barrel
1.50" DARC

20 Gauge 6.8 Lbs as pictured with no scope 14.25" 1.25" 2.125" 43.625" w/24" barrel
1.50" DARC

12 Gauge 8.4 Lbs as pictured with
Thumb-hole stock and no scope 14.25" 0.75" DAC 1.125" 43.750" w/24" barrel

20 Gauge 7.3 Lbs as pictured with
Thumb-hole stock and no scope 14.25" 0.75" DAC 1.125" 43.750" w/24" barrel

* - DARC: denotes Drop At Raised Comb - Another Dimension In Measuring Monte Carlo Stocks

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The Deerslayer II was the first Ithaca I've ever owned. It's my new to favorite gun! The fit and finish are a huge step above all of the other pump guns. The wood is of amazing quality for the price. Mine is a twenty gauge and is a pleasure to shoot. I'm shooting 1.5 inch groups at a hundred yards with Winchester partition golds. This won't be my last it Ithaca!
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