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This is a thread dedicated to Ithaca Deerslayer reviews...

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This sounds like the place I want to ask. Ithaca Deerslayer 2 is the gun I want to own next fall for deer hunting. The question is, what gauge do I want to be shooting? 12 or 20? I'm leaning towards a 20 and using Hornady SST 2 3/4" FTX slugs 250 grain. Thanks for any and all advice.

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If just hunting deer, I think the 20ga would be the best choice. A 3" 20ga sabot will flatten any deer with a lighter weight gun. If you want it to be the kill everything gun, then go for the 12ga.

I have a 12ga DSII storm, and have hunted deer and boar with it. The only real modification I did was to install a Williams big head safety.
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I have a 12ga. Deerslayer and I'd say 12ga. Is what I'd recommend.... Bigger slug, bigger wound, more blood. But don't get me wrong I'd love to have a little 20 ga. As well

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I have (and use) them in 12, 16 (pretty rare) and 20 and definitely prefer the 12. The 16 and 20 are a bit lighter and trimmer, but when venison is on the line, there's nothing better than the 12 in my book.

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