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Its hard to walk away man... Not so much for me as my firearms fund is shallow at best. Lots of deals I would have liked to make work on guns I dont see very often if ever, and some I really wanted.

I've seen some nice ones in pawn shops, but they dont often have the best deals.

For me, I have a couple "must have" guns. If I ever come across them, I'll sell kidneys, livers spleens, kids and dogs and whatever.

Anyone seen an M14 anywhere?
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SHOOTER13 wrote:Bob...that's way too high !!

I'm no expert, but I think so too.

The M37s are FANTASTIC shotguns, but another big part of their allure (to me at least) is that they can be had for ridiculously low prices. I got my 20g M37 on gunbroker for $159 a few months ago, my second 16ga was only $111. If you're wanting another M37, just keep an eye out and one will turn up for a great price.

Rossignol wrote:Anyone seen an M14 anywhere?

My absolute favorite firearm of all time!

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