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This is my DS Police, such a cool gun, loads EVERY time, had it Briley multichoked for more usage.
Does anyone know where I can find out more about these superb shotguns, which police/prisons used them, dates of usage, mine a 80's one think,I am in England and not much/many people over here know much about them sadly, many thanks, G.
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that doesn't work. it is asking for a logon id and password. you need to look at that site and it will show you if there are images to post to a forum

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The first place that the Ithaca was pressed into service on a large scale was by the US government during WWII. They where used with heat shields and bayonet lugs attached and are often referred to as trench guns a term left over from the Winchesters used during WWI. Other duties included guard duty and the training of machine gunners in bomber planes. The gunners where placed on the back of flat bed trucks and where instructed to shoot at clays as the truck drove down the road. The military continued using Ithaca guns threw Korea and Vietnam. In America shot guns are commonly found in police cars as standard issued equipment. The most commonly found shot guns after WWII where the Winchester model 12, the Remington 870 and the Ithaca model 37. In most cases the department will provide the guns in other smaller departments the individual officer will purchase there own gun. The most notable departments that issued the Ithaca model 37 where New York City and Los Angles. At first most police guns had riot barrels meaning a short barrel with a single bead. As time went on many departments began using rifle sights to aid in shooting slugs. During the 1980's the Ithaca gun company changed hands several times and lost the trust of both the military and police departments. The most commonly found shot guns in police cars today are the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500 however various AR15 rifles are starting to take over the shot gun roll.
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I would like to see this DS Police...can you post a picture in this thread !?

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