XL900 and turkey hunting?

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I have a few questions as Im new here, new to turkey hunting, as well as new to my Ithaca 12g.

I don't know about the choke so hoping you all might be able to help me understand a few things.

Ive gone turkey hunting 3 days this year and never got them closer than 75-100 yards so never took a shot.

- This model has the ducks engraved on one side, pheasants on the other so have to guess its made for birds?

- Is there anything I should do to maybe modify for turkey?

- Any particular ammo you would recommend? Im using a buddies ammo, Winchester #4 turkey load is all I really know about it.

- Distance? As I understand, 40-45 yards is about the furthest? Im also thinking of using my 30-06 if need be to land one. Im sure thats prob frowned upon but would like to tag one to see how they taste to see if I will want to continue to hunt them. I may switch to duck if I dont like the taste.


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Hello and welcome to the site,ChrisX.

Not a turkey hunter myself so I cannot say much about the subject.I would however think if the shotgun is a full choke it should work well.Just my opinion.

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